How to prepare for MPPSC from online

How to prepare for MPPSC from online

MPPSC Exam MPPSC Preparation Preparation Tips

What are the good books for this mppsc exam? What strategy to adopt for the mppsc preliminary examination, what strategy should be adopted in the mppsc mains examination,

Many such questions come to the mind of the students!  In this article, a complete interview of such a successful candidate has been given, in which you will get answers to all the questions related to the preparation of MPPSC in easy language.

Hello friends, my name is Anil Kumar Dhakad and currently posted as Assistant Director Finance! I was born in Khajuri village in Shamgarh tehsil of Mandsaur district, I got my initial education from the village and after that from Agriculture College Indore Graduated!
I got this success in my third attempt in the civil service, I will tell you in detail what strategy I have adopted for success in this exam, and what you can take care of and get success in this exam.

When and how did the idea of ​​preparing for MPPSC Online come to my mind ??

Once the District Magistrate came to my school to attend our annual celebration program, at that time he used to study in class 11, when the District Collector was entering our school, the staff of our entire school stood very cautiously in waiting for him. It happened and when the Collector of the car was entering our school, 2 cars were running in front of his car playing sirens and a car was behind them, the sight of his arrival was nothing short of a movie scene like he was. Our Principal got down from the car, went to him and then introduced the Collector to all the school staff one by one, then the Collector, he climbed on the stage, he was not much old, he looked like a college student, but I was very impressed by his strength and the respect he received,I too had thought in my mind that I also have to do something similar so that I too can get so much respect and I can get people excited by coming anywhere.
This small incident impressed me a lot and since then I started trying to become an administrative officer. In the initial phase I only read interviews of successful students in various examinations printed in the competition mirror which always inspired me.

After class 12, I started preparing for the pre-agricultural test and got admission in the Agricultural College in Indore. I did not study much in the college because I had a big friend circle and we all had a lot of fun! 4 years passed in a blink of an eye, then I realized that I wanted to become an administrative officer, and I did not prepare anything for this position in my college! During that time there was pressure to get a job from home too soon, But as we all know to take a job whether it is small or big, it is not easy at all. Seeing as soon as college was over and the problem of unemployment started coming in front of me, all my colleagues got separated in search of career in their respective fields, some had even got jobs from college placements, but I got jobs from college placements. Was not found.

Meanwhile, I decided to prepare for UPSC and for this I decided to go to Delhi, although I had not made any plans to go to Delhi and to spend there, I just packed my bag of books and left for Indore from Delhi. Boarded the Intercity Express, rising at 4:30 in the evening and landed at Hazrat Nizamuddin station at 5:30 in the morning.
Then I reached Mukherjee Nagar from there, I got the room 2 days later, on the first day I slept outside the ATM and on the second day I slept on the side of the road. I did not feel any sorrow here because I had come with the aim of becoming a public servant and I had a lot of enthusiasm in my mind.
I started preparing for UPSC there but after studying for two years, I could not pass even the preliminary exam of UPSC, after that I planned to take other exams and in the meantime I took the IBPS-PO exam in which I got selected in Oriental Bank of Commerce for the post of Loan Officer.
This selection came with a lot of good news for my family and everyone was happy and I was also freed from the worry of how to meet the expenses of studies but I never thought of doing a job in a bank, I was an administrative The officer wanted to be, well ,,,, I moved to Saharanpur for a job in the bank because I was posted there, when my first salary came, the same day I bought Lucent and some other books for MPPSC, and read them. Started.


How did the preparation of MPPSC begin ??
I want to tell you here that I had never taken 1 day admission in any coaching institute for MPPSC exam, I did all my preparation by myself and I passed this exam while working in the bank. Have done

MPPSC PRELIM EXAM STRATEGY / MPPSC Preliminary Exam Strategy / How to prepare for MPPSC in short time ??
In the strategy of Preliminary Examination, I have mainly formed the basis of the question papers asked in previous years. This made me clear that the level of questions in this exam is not very deep, so whatever topic I used to have Instead of going into too much depth, he used to prepare it according to the old question paper. I did not buy too many books for the preparation of this exam, I mainly made Lucent General Knowledge and Punekar Madhya Pradesh General Studies as the basis of preparation, to prepare the questions related to the Act, I used the book of Mahavir Publication. resorting to. With these three books, I started preparing for the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Preliminary Examination!
Then I bought a small ₹ 20 book by Arihant Publications for revision and I liked that book very much because almost all the important aspects related to General Studies were given in brief form that book I have very often (from about 25 Revisited more often).
Here I was advised to read NCERT books by many of my colleagues, I started reading NCERT books as per their advice but I could not read those books for more than 2 days, because I could not get so much time in the bank. I found that I could cover every topic with great depth and at the same time I did not have to worry after watching the old paper that any topic needs to be understood very deeply or it is compulsory to read NCERT books. Was, so I did not read NCERT books.
I joined the MPPSC Preliminary Examination for the first time in 2013 and in the very first attempt I succeeded in the Preliminary Examination, but I did not do any special preparation for the Main Examination, because of this I could not succeed in the Main Examination.
The following year, I had prepared the entire syllabus of MP PSC Main Exam till the notification of MPPSC 2014, and when the notification came I prepared the MPPSC PRELIMS EXAM in 2 months time because its syllabus I I had already read it all so I did not need much time.

MPPSC MAINS EXAM STRATEGY / MPPSC Main Exam Strategy / How to prepare for MPPSC in short time ??
To prepare for the main examination, I resorted to the same strategy that I had adopted for the prelims exam, that was to start preparing by looking at the old paper, although at that time the syllabus of MP PSC main exam had also changed, but I Realized that the tendency to ask questions is almost the same as it was in the old syllabus, so I started preparing with the same strategy that I had not bought too many books for this, I did Lucent, Punekar, and also for Hindi subjects. I started preparing for Punekar and Ethics paper by asking for notes from Nischhi Academy of Delhi, that I am giving list of some important books here, I hope that after reading these books well, I got success in MPPSC main exam May go.


➥MP – GK – Punekar MP BOOK
➥ACT – Punekar or Mahaveer PUBLICATION
➥HINDI – PUNAKAR HINDI BOOK ➥ ESSAY –GOOGLE SEARCH IS BEST OPTION FOR ESSAY ➥ DISASTER MANAGEMEN T – Shape coaching notes or event cycle (Geography) ➥ENVIRONMENT – Event cycle ( Environment) ➥SCIENCE


During the main exam preparation, I focused on answer writing the most, and in the answer writing, I also focused on my speed, instead of beautiful writing, I make a lot of mistakes in writing, this lack of me well I knew that for this I opted to write easy words because when writing more literary words there were a lot of mistakes in quantities.
With this strategy, I joined the main examination of the year 2014 and I also got success in the main examination, then I appeared in the interview but I could not get selected in the interview.

Then for the preliminary and main examination in the year 2015 examination, which had already proved successful, prepared the strategy on the basis of itself and I again appeared before the board for the interview. This time I got 115 marks in the interview and I was selected for the post of Assistant Director Finance.

There is no definite syllabus in the interview that you should prepare for it, for INTERVIEW to be good, the most important thing is that you have written the main exam well, that is, you have the confidence that you will get good marks in the main exam, with the belief that in the interview If you are present, instead of being afraid of the interview, you will take it in a normal way so that you will be able to get your place in the final selection list in case you get average marks too.
At the same time, one should try to answer the questions asked in the interview in a concise and precise manner, it is always harmful to guess or answer in the absence of complete information.

How to prepare with MPPSC 2020 NEW SYLLABUS ??

Although some changes have been made in the syllabus for the Preliminary and Main Examination in the year 2020, this change is not so extensive that the strategy of the entire examination itself has to be changed, the Act related syllabus in the Preliminary Examination has been removed as well as various Commission related syllabus has been added keeping in mind this new change and preparing on the basis of old question papers can definitely be successful. In the end, I will tell the new students that there is no need to be completely dependent on any coaching institute for preparing for this exam, this exam can be prepared easily at home, without coaching, as well as the syllabus. It is very important to cover completely, cover a particular topic with depth and leave some topics at all, it should not be done. !

At the same time it is very important to study continuously, even if you study for 2 hours every day, you can still be successful in this exam, it is not necessary that you will get success in this exam only by setting a special record. MPPSC notification will come at some time or the other, it is very dangerous not to study right now, whenever the notification comes but it is very important to have continuity in your studies.

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